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Anyone sitting a driving test will also get feedback on their eco-safe driving manner.

If you´re sitting a driving test, you´ll also be assessed on your ability to drive or ride in a way that shows eco-safe driving techniques.
This assessment is not part of the existing assessment criteria for the practical test and you will not fail your test because you don´t demonstrate eco-safe driving techniques.
The driving examiner will assess control and planning, and at the end of the test will give you feedback, as guidance, on how efficiently you´re driving.

Be an ´eco-safe´ driver or rider

Be an ´eco-safe´ driver or rider and contribute to road safety as well as reducing your fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
Making changes to your driving or riding style will also save you money.

Always try to use the vehicle controls as smoothly as possible, with particular attention to:

  • Starting and moving away
  • Accelerating
  • Using gears
  • Driving at an appropriate speed

This reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and will help in reducing CO2.

Reduce harmful emissions by anticipating road traffic conditions and acting in good time, rather than reacting to them at the last moment, especially:

  • Showing hazard awareness and planning
  • Making use of engine braking (decelerating)
  • Stopping the engine when appropriate

Tips for ´eco-safe´ driving and riding
Follow these tips as a guide to safe driving or riding for economy:

  • check your tyres regularly and keep at recommended pressure
  • don´t carry unnecessary weight
  • remove roof-rack or luggage boxes when not needed to reduce air resistance
  • don´t exceed speed limits, accelerate gently
  • consider using cruise control where it would be appropriate
  • turn off your engine if you´re likely to have a prolonged wait
  • use air conditioning only when you need to
  • plan your route to avoid known congestion points
  • try to travel during off-peak times

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