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With automatic driving lessons you can concentrate on the road, not the gears.

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If you are looking for a reliable automatic driving school in Tameside, then you’ve come to the right place.
Here at Mitchells, all of our driving instructors are not only DVSA approved, but they are also qualified advanced drivers with either the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) or RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

We understand that many people would prefer to take automatic driving lessons, whether due to circumstances, need or personal preference. An automatic car is easier to learn than a manual as there are only two pedals to learn, accelerator and brake.

Automatic Driving Lessons are all taught on a ONE to ONE basis, with instructors who are committed to helping you become a confident, safe driver.

If you are interested in Automatic Driving Lessons in Tameside and the surrounding areas, we cover:
Ashton-Under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Gee Cross, Glossop, Godley, Guide Bridge, Hadfield, Hattersley, Haughton Green, Hazelhurst, Hollingworth, Hurst Cross, Hyde, Limehurst, Micklehurst, Mossley, Mottram, Newton, Stalybridge and Waterloo.

Here are some testimonials from pupils who had automatic driving lessons in Tameside.

automatic driving lessons hyde, tameside

Hayley had Automatic Driving Lessons in Hyde, Tameside.
I wanted to do automatic driving lessons and when I looked round Mitchell’s seemed very good. I phoned Mark and straight away I knew I had made the right choice. Mark is a great instructor and was great fun to learn with. I got a little nervous the week before my test but Mark reassured me I would do great as I had done 3 mock tests with him. I didn’t think I would do this good though, passing first time with no faults, what a great achievement.

automatic driving lessons in stockport

Tom had Automatic Driving Lessons in Marple Bridge, Stockport.
I tried manual driving lessons with one of Mitchell´s instructors but they did not suit me, I was then passed to Mark for Automatic driving lessons. Mark was great right from the start, he took his time to explain things and never got cross with me if I made a mistake. More often we would park up and he would calmly ask what I was thinking. We would then go back and do it again as many times as needed to make sure I understood and had the right approach. If you need someone patient who does not shout or get cross I would recommend Mark.

automatic driving lessons in ashton-under-lyne, Tameside.

Apple had Automatic Driving Lessons in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside.
Congratulations to Apple on passing her Driving Test, with instructor Bodie.
Apple phoned Bodie to arrange some lesson's in the Automatic car. She had already tried to drive in a Manual car but struggled. After an incentive course of driving for 3 week's, it was good news for Apple. She passed first time at the Hyde test center. Well done Apple & good luck.

automatic driving lessons in Hyde, Tameside.

Denise had Automatic Driving Lessons in Hyde, Tameside.
I tried driving a number of years ago but didn´t like it. Then my mother-in-law gave me a car and I had to have another go. I´m happy I did as with Mark he gave me a lot of confidence to drive on my own. When I got confident enough at driving we transferred to my car, as it was the one I drove to work every day and was more used to. Passing first time was great. I can take the kids out or go shopping on my own giving my husband a well-deserved break after all these years.

automatic driving lessons in ashton under lyne, Tameside.

Bindu had Automatic Driving Lessons in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside.
Bindu came to Mitchell´s after her friend´s passed with Mitchell´s, Bindu is expecting her baby quite soon, so she was very eager on passing her driving test as soon as possible. We´re glad to say Bindu passed her test in the Automatic car passed First time. Well done & good luck for the future.

automatic driving lessons in Stalybridge, tameside.

Liz had Automatic Driving Lessons in Stalybridge, Tameside.
Liz phoned Mitchell´s to see if we could help her get through her driving test as quickly as possible.This was due to the fact that she had volunteered to help out at the Olympic game´s in Kent.If she did not drive then it would be a 22 hour day, using the coach & train to get there, get the training required for her role & back. We are glad to say Liz passed her test First time,with only a few minor driver fault´s.We wish her all the best for the future.

automatic driving lessons in Droylsden tameside

Linzi had Automatic Driving Lessons in Droylsden, Tameside.
wanted to take Automatic lessons as my husbands car is Automatic and I wanted to learn pretty quickly and pass my test. I got in touch with Mitchells and they put me onto Pauline. I had to wait a few weeks as Pauline was busy, however that didn´t bother me as I was travelling up from Wales because I have Family up here. No matter where I was Pauline would pick me up and drop me off where I wanted to be. Whatever Pauline taught me I practised it in Wales when I was out driving with my husband. Passing my test has changed my life so much, I can now enrol at night school,take my children out in the school holidays and also be able to look for a part time job. Thank you Mitchells and Pauline for getting me through my test.

automatic driving lessons in Droylsden tameside

Tracy from Droylsden had Automatic Driving Lessons in Tameside.
Tracy from Droylesden, phoned Mitchells school of motoring early on this year to enquire about driving lessons in an Automatic car. I phoned tracy & arranged a time to pick her up for a lesson. In total tracy had twenty five hours of training with Bodie & she had about ten hour's of private pratice with her husband before going in for her test. Tracy did her test in failsworth & I´m pleased to say she Passed First time around with only three minor driver faults. Well done Tracy and best of luck for the future.

automatic driving lessons in stalybridge, tameside

Peter from Stalybridge had Automatic Driving Lessons in Tameside.
Peter phoned Mitchells to see if we could fit him in for Automatic driving lessons. He lived in stalybridge & said that it was important that he get to test standard as soon as possible as he needed a licence in order to start up his own Land scaping bussiness. He had worked for many year´s with his uncle who did all the driving so peter never botherd to aquire his own licence. However Peter´s uncle wanted to retire & this gave peter the push he needed to do something about getting mobile. Peter passed his theory test while taking driving lessons & within two week´s he went in for his pracitical, which we're pleased to say he passed 1st time with only 2 minor driving fault's. Well done Peter & we wish you all the best for the future.

automatic driving lessons in ashton-under-lyne, tameside

Umtal had Automatic Driving Lessons in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside.
Umtal passed her driving test at Hyde test centre. Umtal took Automaic Diving Lessons with Instructor Pauline Clayton due to failing her test in a manual car. Umtal needed to pass her test as she looks after her husband who finds it difficult to get around. Umtal was very nervous on the day knowing she was having a complete stranger watching her drive, however she passed her test with 7 minor driving faults. Well done Umtal.

automatic driving lessons in dukinfield, tameside

Suzanne had Automatic Driving Lessons in Dukinfield, Tameside.
Suzanne from Dukinfield had lessons in the automatic car as she wasn't confident that she could drive in a manual car. Suzanne had only just received her provisional driving license from the DVLA as previously she suffered quite badly from epileptic fits, but once her medication was amended she was granted her licence. Suzanne really wanted to pass her test as this for her would be a major achievement. After approximately 30 lessons her test was booked unfortunately on the first occasion she was unsuccessful this was mainly due to her nerves. After a little more tuition her second test was Passed and we at Mitchell's would like to congratulate Suzanne on easily passing her test on this occasion.

automatic driving lessons in denton, Tameside

Georgina had Automatic Driving Lessons in Denton, Tameside
After having no success with previous lessons Georgina came to Mitchell's and with her instructor Mark decided automatic driving lessons would be more suited to her needs. Georgina actually took her test the day before she left for Ghana to do a months work experience. Well done and good luck in Ghana and for the future.

automatic driving lessons in Tameside

Joanne had Automatic Driving Lessons in Tameside.
A big congratulations to Joanne on passing her driving test. Joanne phoned Mitchells Driving School enquiring about taking lessons in an automatic car. She was unsure whether she should do a crash course or have a lesson per week. she decided to go the more traditional route and had one lesson per week as this was better for her due to having a young family. We initially started with the basics however Joanne progressed quickly as there are no gears to deal with hence we were soon out on the road driving.

automatic driving lessons in stalybridge, Tameside

Harriette had Automatic Driving Lessons in Stalybridge,Tameside.
I did some driving with my father in law, but I did not understand the way he was telling me things. I had 1 lesson with mark and understood what he was saying as he put it a different way. I was soon able to move forward quickly and start my manouvres. Passing first time was great. Thanks Mark

automatic driving lessons in Hyde, Tameside

Rebecca had Automatic Driving Lessons in Hyde, Tameside.
When Rebecca first contacted me this was by email and informed me that she was profoundly deaf and she was not sure whether she would be capable of driving never mind taking her actual test. We established a common sign language and I also attended Tameside College to study a sign language course to aid my teaching with Rebecca. After approximately 25 lessons Rebecca applied for and took her test and passed with flying colours. Having her licence allows her to have her own freedom and independence in her life.

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