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With automatic driving lessons you can concentrate on the road, not the gears.

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If you are looking for automatic driving lessons in Oldham, Then you have come to the right place.
Here at Mitchells we understand that learning to drive a manual car is not for everyone. Many people find that automatic driving lessons are the better option for them.

Whatever your reasons for taking automatic driving lessons, our instructors are committed to helping you become a confident, safe driver.

All of our instructors are DVSA approved as well as being advanced drivers with either the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) or RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

We understand that learning to drive is an experience that is best taught on an individual basis. Which is why, on your first driving lesson your instructor will assess your driving skills and structure all future lessons based on your particular needs and abilities.

Driving Lessons are run out of any of the following:
Austerlands, Blackley, Busk, Butler Green, Chadderton, Crossbank, Delph, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Grasscroft, Greenacres, Greenfield, Grotton, Hathershaw, Hollinwood, Lees, Limeside, Lydgate, Moorhey, Moorside, Moston, Mumps, Nimble Nook, Royton, Shaw, Springhead, Uppermill, White Gate, Woodhouses and Failsworth, which is where your test will be taken.

Here are some testimonials from pupils who had automatic driving lessons in Tameside.

automatic driving lessons in oldhamt.

Sharon had Automatic Driving Lessons in Shaw, Oldham.
I had already tried manual lessons in the past, however didn´t like it because I felt as though I had too much to contend with. I phoned Mitchell´s for one of their Intensive courses. I passed my test with Pauline, however she didn´t start me off with the lessons as she was too busy, so I had lessons with another Instructor who Mitchell´s passed work onto if they were too busy. I paid for 30hrs with my test, however my Instructor who I was with told me I needed more hours, so i got onto Mark and he advised me to try Pauline and see what she thought as I was going out driving with my husband as well at the time and he said I was ready for my test. I went out with Pauline and she assessed my driving and told me to book my test straight away. Pauline showed me how to do a parallel park and showed me how to do a left reverse easy as I was struggling with it. What I would say to anyone who wants driving lessons with Mitchell´s is wait for the Instructor you want as they must be good if they are that busy it´s worth the wait. Thank you Mark for recommending me to Pauline I looked forward to my lessons every Wednesday and she is a good Instructor you are lucky to have her.

automatic driving lessons in Oldham

Dharmishtha had Automatic Lessons in Oldham.
I had taken lessons in a manual car and decided I would give Automatic a try with my instructor Pauline. I wanted to put in for my test before I had my youngest child and unfortunately I was unsuccessful so I waited until after having my son and put in for my test and passed, i am so grateful to Pauline, I couldn't have done it without her.

automatic driving lessons in Oldham

Rashida had Automatic lessons in Oldham.
I had been living in America for 8yrs and had an American licence, when I moved back to England I had to apply for a British licence, I'd passed my theory 2yrs ago however did not take any lessons, unfortunately my theory was about to run out and Pauline advised me to just retake my theory test rather than rush into my driving test just in case I failed it. I passed my theory again and went in for my driving test and passed with 5 faults. I can't thank Pauline enough for getting me through my tests. I would recommend Mitchells for driving lessons.

automatic driving lessons in Oldham

Andrea had Automatic Driving Lessons in Oldham.
After taking Automatic lessons with other driving schools I got in touch with Mitchell's and got Pauline as my Instructor. Pauline explained things better to me and corrected any faults I made, I passed my theory and put in for my test not long after in the meantime Mitchell's had got a new car so I had to get used to this car and passed my driving test in January so it was a new start to a New Year with a new car. Thank you Pauline.

automatic driving lessons in Fitton Hill, Oldham

Paul from Fitton Hill had Automatic Driving Lessons in Oldham.
Paul contacted Mitchells for automatic driving lessons due to the fact he had previously been learning in a manual car but found the gear selection too difficult and distracting. When I first met Paul I asked what previous driving experience he had and what he expected from his automatic lessons. He informed me at the age of 56 he wanted to get his licence so he could take his wife to hospital, his wife who unfortunately was suffering with cancer and due to the number of hospital visits taxi expenses were getting out of hand. Paul had a total of 14 hours tuition in the automatic car before taking his test and I would like to congratulate him on passing his test with only four minor faults.

automatic driving lessons In Failsworth, Oldham

Julie had Automatic Driving Lessons in Oldham.
Bodie was very patient with me. He was never tired of telling me the same things everydayunlike my experience there before. I booked in for my test and passed. I have now got a job and I feel I owe it all to Bodie and Mitchells. When I count people who have changed my life significantly he is one of them. I would recommend Bodie and the Mitchells Driving team to anyone who not only wants to pass but be a safe driver. I remember Bodie would tell me its not just about passing, its also being about a good and safe driver, which I know and believe that I am. I cannot say thank-you enough to Bodie and Mitchells but you guys rock and have changed my life. Julie :-)

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